Clevo keyboard N151CU, NS51MU, NS71MU, NS51PU, NS71PU

Vanaf: 60,50 EUR

List of compatible models (incomplete):

  • Clevo N151CU
  • Clevo NS51MU
  • Clevo NS71MU
  • Clevo NS51PU
  • Clevo NS71PU

Please note that the second number of the model string is only representing the colour of the laptop’s case.

If your model number is not on the list above, you can contact us and let us know your exact model number so that we can verify the compatibility of this keyboard for your Clevo based laptop.

We have more than enough of these keyboards in stock. We have them as blank in stock and we use our laser engraving machine to get the correct keyboard layout engraved.

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